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All digital images delivered via 10 year online PASS gallery

Package C
2 hour shoot
2 locations
1 hour Studio
3 outfits
Online Gallery
Starting at $800

Package B
2 hour shoot
2 locations
2 outfits
Online Gallery
Starting at $500

Package A
1 hour shoot
1 location
2 outfits
Online Gallery
Starting at $300

Hello and welcome to my site!
My name is Adam, I am of the graduating class of 2010,
and those Pulitzer Prize winning shots you see to your right are the ONLY photographs I have to commemorate my senior year.
I never had a senior photoshoot.
Reasons why include:
I didn't know any photographers.
I didn't feel comfortable being photographed.
and the number one reason why:
Every senior photoshoot I saw was
the most dorky and uncool thing
I have ever seen in my entire life.

No one photographed in a way that actually made me look cool and decent looking and did NOT require wearing a fake tuxedo on a foam pedestal holding a plastic rose with stars in my eyes and skin that would make Barbie jealous.

Fast forward a few years
I became a photographer and decided to offer people exactly what I wanted and couldn't find when I was a senior.

Really. REALLY cool senior photos.

But not just senior pictures.
I wanted a legit photoshoot
Not some half done shoot and burn mini mall studio session.
I wanted a real photoshoot like in the magazines.

My senior sessions are more than just a shoot and sales consultation. They are FULL productions from story boarding to stylizing and shooting completely planned out photoshoots centered around YOU!

Every Senior Session starts with a questionnaire, interview, and preshoot consultation to learn what makes you YOU. From there we can piece together the perfect shoot just for you. From hair and make up, to wardrobe, location, props, even story boarding and final post processing styles. We do this to ensure that your session looks like no other and is exactly what you want and nothing less. I treat the importance, production and quality of your shoot just like any other commercial assignment.

I don't follow trends, guidelines or formulas.
Every shoot is different, and every senior is different, so why would I put you in a box by treating you and shooting you like everyone else or doing the same shoot for every one of my clients?

My goal with every senior photoshoot is to break out of the box, create something different and something to be proud of.
I use every shoot as an opportunity to get on that next level as a photographer.
That is what separates my work from others.

San Diego Ca Hybrid Film & Digital Senior Portrait Photography

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