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Be A Model

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Senior Models
Are special individuals who help spread the word of game changing senior photoshoots.

Being a Senior Model means forgetting the "it crowd" and becoming the new following. You are the gate keeper to all that is awesome at Adam Ghahate Photography. You are the person everyone wants to know because you represent the next big thing. Your senior portraits will be used in marketing campaigns, displays, website, social media and anywhere we talk about seniors.

I am selecting guys and gals!
IF I select you based on the application, you have the chance to choose to become a Senior Model.

The catch? You have to have a BIG MOUTH, be LOUD AND PROUD. Have connections. If you are shy or quiet, DO NOT APPLY, unless you want a challenge. I am looking for Straight Up, Legit, OG, One Off, ROCKSTARS!

The prize?
3 words ladies and gents.

Not credits, giftcards, movie tickets. cheeky keychains or wallet prints.
How much cash? Well. You ain't gonna need to be thrift shoppin' no mo. You gon' make it rain boo boo.

Step 1: Apply - Fill out all application fields
Step 2: Be invited to attend a Model Meeting with your parent. - We'll call & email you so PLEASE enter email address that YOU & a PARENT are checking daily!
Step 3: Attend a 30min Model Meeting (w/parent) & Choose to be a Senior Model
Step 4: Spread the word.! You're a model now! Own it!


What is on your top 10 playlist right now?

What school activities or personal hobbies, keep you busy?
What would I find you doing on the weekend?
Are you a volunteer? Take college classes? Boy/Girlscout. Mentor? Church outreach? Have a job? Other?

City + State + Zip

Parent/Guardian First + Last

Parent/Guardian Email

Describe your style

First + Last

Parent/Guardian Phone

Tell me about yourself!

What year will you graduate

What School do you attend

Twitter Handle

Instagram Name


Street Address

Facebook URL


Why do you want to be a senior model, and why would you be a GREAT representative of Adam Ghahate Photography?

All fields required